The End and the Death: Volume I



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    Horus’s heresy concludes in a ravaged palace, a beaten beloved leader, and slim odds against oblivion.

    After seven years spilling immortal blood, the Warmaster stands poised to reap the siege’s bitter spoils – murdering beloved Emperor and father both. Though His enlightened reign lifts millions, dissenters see tyranny in the coronated visionary.

    Regardless, with existence imperiled and allies inert, the icon rises once more to deal wrathful vengeance upon the puppeteered son spiraling towards disastrous destiny. Though the despot wears a victim’s vacant face, duty demands punishment before Lupercal seizes the fate of infinite souls.

    In the ashes of armageddon, loyalty’s last arbiters rally for terrible justice, no matter the fresh sacrifice required to obstruct ruination’s curtain call. While survival bleeds dim, how far will principles stretch when staring into the abyss?

    The Horus Heresy’s apocalyptic climax commences, guaranteed to deliver desired resolutions for faithful fans equally dreading the closing chapter’s bittersweet finality. Savagery and sentiment await as the galaxy’s contentious civil war concludes.

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    1. The Horus Heresy is such a good series! 40k is fun it doesn’t get as much popularity as it deserves.

      I’m not sure what to read after this. There is a series called The Mayor of Noobtown which is pretty popular in LitRPG recommendations. Do you think you could be allowed to post it here? Thank you!


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