Hard Eight

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    Strange crime scenes have been seen in the series, there have been cases of murders, illegal weapons, and court trials. All these are now part of Stephanie Plum’s daily job because she is the best bounty hunter in the town. During her years as the bounty hunter, she has never taken a case of child’s abduction. The case of Annie’s disappearance thus is the type of case Plumb does not like to accept.

    It is not only Annie who has disappeared, her mother Evelyn has also gone missing along with it. For Annie’s father it is an issue of great concern because they signed a custody bond for the child and if the child is not found the house which they put on the mortgage will slip out of their hands. The house does not belong to the parents rather it is the house of Annie’s grandmother who is the neighbor of Plumb’s parents.

    Hard Eight

    Because of this situation, the bounty hunter had to jump into the situation and deal with the True Blue Bonds Agency as well that wants to get possession of the house quickly. Janet Evanovich never talked about conspiracies so much in her novels before. Four to Score and Seven Up never had hidden plots for money and the mortgage issue in them. Lorelei King thus narrates a new side of the series now which is slowly taking over the old one.

    The role of Joe and other characters like Eddie however remains the same like always. Sooner or later another story related to Stephanie’s past will show up on the scene in the future parts. There is one surety i.e Stephanie is not the kind who will run away now in any situation.

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