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    R.A. Salvatore ends one tale and then starts another thus never letting the audience to be without their favorite characters. The aspects of an elf’s life are described in so much detail that we can now say for sure that is there is nothing left for other writer to write on the topic. The series defines the personal life as well as the life of a warrior of the dark elf. Drizzt fought hard in Vengeance of the Iron Dwarf  for the North realm and now finally the war was over and the champions of the hall have saved everyone including their own selves. This all means one thing that it is homecoming time because the war has made everyone tired to the core and they can afford a little time out.


    The cloudy weather is gone and everyone can enjoy the sun once again, Drizzt and his friends are pleased but they also know about the danger that is still present around them. The threats are never over in the forgotten realms as your enemy is always there waiting when you are weak or asleep. The drow rises again against the elves and they know that they are not enough against the forces of the companions thus they summon something evil that lies at the core of the Abyss.

    The force of the under dark feels the terror of this evil as the novel reaches its climax. The story is bound to impress you in all aspects whether it is action, suspense or wicked magic. Victor Bevine has upgraded the tone for “homecoming” because there is more war like situations building up all the time and there was no place for a humble tone anymore.

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    Vengeance of the Iron Dwarf



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