Echoes in Death

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    Suspense joins the scene as the writer tries to shift a little bit from the previous books that chiefly had mystery and thrill in them. There was a lot of thrill in Apprentice in Death and Devoted in Death has police procedurals in it. This one mingles the two and adds some extra garnishing of its own. Murder mysteries and crimes have been a trade mark of J.D. Robb as he successfully finds new crime scenes in the same world around him full of common people. The mysteries never unlock themselves before the climax which makes us move quickly toward the climax scenes.

    Echoes in Death

    Nightmares haunting a woman is not something new because every now and then you will hear about such things but nightmare usually don’t make people do things like going out naked on the road. The woman grabbed by her nightmare comes in front of Roarke and Eve’s car and it is like fate is planning something new for Eve and her husband. Eve and her husband have been returning from a party and thus all they wanted was a night sleep and they got a teaser in return. The woman that they saw on the road was Daphne, wife of Dr. Anthony who was found dead in the house with nothing in the safe anymore. All Daphne knows is that she has seen a devil in their house.

    Echoes in Death

    The husband and wife was an ideal couple with no differences of any sort thus the tough investigation starts during the midnight as Eve calls the rest of her team and starts investigating the people who were there in the part. No change in the narrator’s voice as we once again hear the perfect voice of Susan Ericksen.


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