Hope for the Best


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    Changing history is never a good idea but no one can resist the temptation if he is blessed with the chance to go back in time again and again. St. Mary’s also don’t want to change the history they just want to assemble it the in a little better way of course that is not changing according to their description.

    The poor souls always pay the price as disaster follows them whenever and wherever they go. Max has never followed the rules and she admits this weakness or strength of hers on so many occasions. She goes by her own rules and this becomes threatening of the history map. She had a grudge for the man named Clive Ronan whom she once tried to catch with the help of the police of the time luckily she failed and the time remained unaltered.

    Max again tries to put her head in too big things and she has a routine of doing this and this was the aspect that made Lies, Damned Lies and History and What Could Possibly Go Wrong? the real deal.

    Hope for the Best

    Max once again executes her plan and a problem arises in the sixteenth century because of it, not a big problem according to Max just a new face on the throne or the wrong queen in power. But that is what she thinks the history has mould itself into pattern that cannot be laid straight again.

    The time police also have laid a verdict against the team of historians known as the St. Mary’s that include Max too. The time travelling has gone too far and now Max would be curtailed unless she thinks of another perfect plan in time. No one can doubt Zara Ramm’s performance as the narrator at this level as her services to the series are really great.

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