Summoner 4



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    Summoner 4 By: Eric Vall


    Since there’s no review for this Book yet I feel I’m obligated to, because I have read the prior books of the series, and it has become one of my Fav book series out there.
    What I usually look for in a Book Series is Edge of your seat Action, Land Trotting Adventure, a True almost Unattainable Love Or a Scintillating sizzling Harem Romance ;P and finally Comedy so knee jerkingly funny you’ll have co-workers looking at you weird for the random fits of Snorts or Giggles you let out XD
    Well look no further because Eric Vall’s “Summoner” has it all and More!

    Follow the “Country Hick” Gryff in his adventures of becoming a top tier summoner, putting monsters and snarky arse nobles in there place, proving to everyone Summoners are not just a one trick pony in the military of magic vanguards.

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