The Gap and the Gain



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    Dan Sullivan and Dr. Benjamin Hard are the real experts in motivating people who want to achieve high goals. Both the authors have told the audience on a number of occasions that hard work is not the only thing that will help you in achieving your goals rather there are other things that should be kept in mind. In Who Not How the authors told us the value and worth of teamwork. According to them, we have to forge a team to get a job done rather than trying to learn every art on our own.

    We cannot do all the tasks by ourselves so there is a need for other people too. Here there is a different concept that the book is teaching i.e the difference between the gap and gain. The pessimists or those who don’t achieve according to their expectations are thinking about the gap. On the other hand, there are those who think about the gain on all occasions. When you start thinking about the gain, your fear of losing the game starts disappearing and there is a positive spirit in you that you can infuse into others who are working with you.

    The Gap and the Gain

    The other problem is the yardstick that we keep in our minds. We start comparing ourselves with some ideal examples that we cannot achieve very quickly thus we start considering ourselves as failures. Instead of thinking about those ideals, we should think that how we have made ourselves better as compared to our past life. After this book, you are bound to listen to The Laws of Lifetime Growth because you have to learn everything which these two great authors have in stock.

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