The Scourge of God


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    Rudi MacKenzie still leads his charges in search of the major cause of the destruction of civilization. Decades after the electronic breakdown, he takes his troop across the land that was once known as the United States of America. Now he is heading to Nantucket. His reasons for the sojourn is still the same: to find out how technology was rendered useless and which strange catastrophe is responsible for this.

    He knows he cannot do it alone. On his way, he made friend with a new ally who is helping him forge a war with the new prophet.  While Rudi is determined to reach his destination, a fanatical officer within the ranks of the prophet is determined to stop him.

    The prophet has given his fanatic charge to stop Rudi by any means possible. The intrigues and looming battles between Rudi and his allies and the prophet make this book a very interesting read. It follows the same action part as A Meeting at Corvallis by the same author. But this time, the battle is more intense.

    The Scourge of God

    M. Stirling is no doubt a great storyteller. He followed the same pattern as the previous series of the same book. The good thing about this book is that you can read it separately or within the sequence. But you will understand better when you follow the sequence serially. It is a captivating and interesting read. One other important thing about the book is the careful plot development from the first trilogy to this one. Character representation and narration are also great.

    Todd McLaren also did a very good narration job. However, the place naming is not quite perfect. Apart from the wrong diction of some places in the book, every other area in the narration are spot on.


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