Our Oriental Heritage



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    Will Durant starts the story of civilization in this book and it is a very long series in which the author has talked about different changes that have been brought into culture. Most history books look boring because of the bulky appearance and proper time is not given to several portions of history.

    Thus because of the lack of balance in the material, it becomes difficult for us to understand the thing in a better way. The author has separated every era in history and he has discussed it in a different volume. Firstly it is about Sumeria where laws were forged about society and civilization.

    It was the first time in recorded human history that efforts were made to establish proper cities for the human race. Then the Egyptians laid the foundation of a proper system in which progress was made in different fields which were not known to man previously. Architecture and medicine were surely new fields and working in that fields was not at all easy. Then came astronomy and physics which were quite difficult to understand for the people of that era.

    Our Oriental Heritage

    However, their mighty races developed those initial steps on which the people coming in the later era were able to climb. Robin Field has not become sentimental or overloud in the narration because the narrator didn’t want to create this piece of history into a big drama. The Renaissance and Caesar and Christ are the fan favorite in this series so do go through these books whenever you have the time. Even if you are not listening to all the books, you can just pick anyone and can enjoy the rich information present in it.

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