Orion Colony


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Ray Porter’s narration opens this first part of the adventure series by J.N. Chaney and Jonathan Yanez. Issue with the humans emerges in the beginning and then it goes bigger and bigger and finally slips from everyone’s control. World population is one the rise and there are a lot of people who think that they deserve more but the opportunities are not there for them. Revolt launched against the high profiled people of the society in this regard proves fruitful.

Those living on the edge are given a chance to explore for a new colony in the outer space and start a fresh life there. Orion the first of the twelve ships is launched in outer space with a hope that the new place where the humans will land would bring happiness for them. Well this happens to be just the one side of the whole mission; there are those among the humans who want to make this mission look a complete disaster. Enemies from the inside threaten the people who are present on Orion with a hope for a prosperous future. Ruins of the Galaxy and The Messenger depicted enmity but it was not from the inside.

Orion Colony

Perhaps in this series too the two authors will bring some alien races into action after the landing of the humans in the new colony. Till now the enemies present among the humans are ample to make their survival tough during the journey. Also there is another threat i.e if Orion fails to fulfill its target there would never be any more ships to outer space ever. The humans living their lives on the edge will never get a chance to achieve prosperity for their families.


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