Iron Flame



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Iron Flame – Empyrean, Book 2

After surviving her first year at Basgiath War College, Violet Sorrengail faces even deadlier trials ahead. The ruthless new vice commandant makes it his mission to break Violet’s will and betray those she loves. Though her body is frail, Violet’s ingenious mind and iron resolve give her the tools to defy expectations.

Violet quickly learns the college hides sinister secrets beneath its brutal training. Ancient mysteries tied to dragons, riders and an impending threat. As pressures mount, Violet realizes that dragonfire alone may not be enough to overcome what’s to come.

Turning tradition on its head, Violet sets her own rules, even as shadowy forces work against her. Surviving will take more than strength and smarts this year. The darkness growing within Basgiath is set to ignite, and Violet may lose everything when the inferno strikes. She clings to hope, but victory demands sacrifices.

Will Violet’s grit and loyalty prevail, or will sinister powers extinguish her fiery spirit? Find out in this harrowing installment of Melissa Caruso’s Empyrean series, where one rider’s stand could decide the fate of all.


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