The Talisman Audiobook


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    The Talisman By Stephen King

    No matter what the scenario is, Stephen King knows the art of creating fantasy, hope, danger, mystery, terror and the feelings of loyalty where needed in an engaging and eye-catching manner. This is a story of a 13-year-old boy who needs to get some sort of resources to help his mother get cured who is on her deathbed and the father is already gone. With no other hope at all the story creates an unmatched situation for the boy who is looking for a big prize to help his mother get the treatment for life.

    With all the desperate situation and the life full of troubles, the boy starts the horrifying journey to get the reward he needs.

    The Talisman Audiobook

    In the whole story the events and the story settings creating a jaw-dropping impact on the listeners who are looking for suspense in horror and to see how a son fights for the life of the mother.

    Though it is not easy to accomplish, Stephen creates a wonderful heart-gripping story for the readers who know how he would excite each and every part of the story with all the spices everyone would want to have in the story.

    The journey continues to the land of unseen monsters, the various obstacles the kid has to face and the various strategies he would develop to pass through and get the price he is fighting for. The journey is not just a simple quest rather it is challenging, adventurous and a horror fiction for the people who need it. Feels much similar to the basic fantasy and horror saw in Dark Tower 1 and Salem’s Lot.

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