Space Team: Sentienced to Death


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When Phil Thron started the narration of the series as the official narrator, there was a doubt in the mind of the listeners that he would not be able to carry on till the end. Here the narrator has proved that those notions were completely wrong because here he has narrated the eleventh part of the series and he is still not tired of the thing. Phil has narrated all the parts of the series and he has proved to be the best for such a kind of fantasy tale.

Barry J. Hutchison after giving his main character a lot of missions in Space Team: The Guns of Nana Joan and Return of the Dead Guy finally provides Cal some time to rest. That rest is snatched back from Cal when he and his team are captured by the Symposium Sentience. The aliens used to be a powerful force in the galaxy and now that thing has been snatched from them.

Space Team: Sentienced to Death

They are in need of help because there are dark forces that are after their power. Cal is once again in no position to say no so the team goes on another epic mission and like all time the chances of survival are less than zero to be precise.

Even if they were getting paid eventually they would not have taken this mission because the powers with whom they are dealing are beyond their reach and they would be the first ones who will get crushed. Survival is the best thing which they are looking for and at the end of the mission, they are not looking for heavy pay.


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