Space Team: Sting of the Mustard Mines


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    It was Cal who was getting caught all the time in different episodes. The series actually started when Cal was abducted by aliens in Space Team . It was because of that abduction that he was able to forge such an amazing team that performed extraordinarily later on. During Return of the Dead Guy Cal was once again in trouble and then he got saved because of his team.

    Well, there is a surprise for Cal in this book i.e his team has also been captured. The Space Team traveled time in order to save the people of the earth but on their return, they come to know that they have made a little miscalculation. The situation of the present era is even worse and now there is nothing that could be done.

    Space Team: Sting of the Mustard Mines

    The team is also made slaves by the aliens and in the Mustard Mines, they have no hope for the suture. Barry J. Hutchison makes the team meet a new villain on this occasion and the team must reach him before he succeeds in his mission. The villain is going to take over the galaxy and if he succeeds then everything for which the Space Team has worked will be dashed to the ground.

    The team cannot allow all of this to happen so they are going to stop him. The first thing that Cal and his team have to do is to free themselves from the shackles of slavery. No one is going to win the game as long as they are in the Mustard Mines. There is not much humor involved in this story because it is of a serious kind.

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