Space Team: The King of Space Must Die


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War has just gone bigger for everyone who is present in outer space and there is no one more experienced than the Space Team. Cal is the leader of the team and he thinks of the team as his family so he has not left any stone unturned to keep the team safe and united. There have been times when the team was divided in its opinions and its appetite had not been fulfilled but Cal has managed everything on every occasion.

Space Team: The King of Space Must Die

The team also loves its leader because they have become famous and prosperous because of his decisions. The team is so united that it went in search of Splurt in Space Team: The Search for Splurt when he didn’t want to be found. Then there was a talk about that big bomb in Space Team: The Time Titan of Tomorrow and even at that stage none of the team members tried to run away from the spot. This unity has been keeping all of them alive and successful.

Krone has taken over the galaxy in this book and he has proclaimed that he happens to be the true king of the galaxy. The Space Team knows that it has to deal with this matter fast because things are slipping out of hand. The team has also increased in number so fighting a big army might not be a very big problem for them.

However, none of the members is thinking about this thing rather they are thinking about the funeral that they have to attend which they would mourn their loss. Barry J. Hutchison has not stopped at this part rather there are two more stories in stock that are also narrated by Phil Thron.


Space Team: The Time Titan of Tomorrow

Space Team: Sting of the Mustard Mines


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