Path of Deceit


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Tessa Gratton and Justina Ireland are the two storytellers who are able to create a story out of nowhere. They have a special talent with the help of which they have provided Lady Hotspur in the past. This is the book that is linked to Star Wars but it takes place way back in the past. The world of the High Republic is painted in front of our eyes as the two authors take us 150 years before the Phase I era.

The authors had this thing in mind for a long time but they waited for the story to reach perfection in their mind after which they pasted it on the piece of paper.

There are many characters that are taken from the routine pattern and then there are a few new faces too which are introduced especially in this book. The mysterious cult members are the most interesting characters of the novel as their role remains unclear for most of the time and then they finally bring their agenda to light.

Path of Deceit

Although Erin Yvette has narrated it clearly and there is no pause in the story still understanding it is not easy for those who have no knowledge of the past books related to this concept. The Jedi peacekeepers and other characters like this are not given proper background because the two authors thought that the audience already knows all about these things.

However it is not needed that you go through other parts before this one, all you have to do is to keep an eye on all the details and you will start understanding the situation.


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