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    A fan don’t just get Lisa Gardner’s book because he likes reading books, Lisa’s books always give you a feeling that they are alive. The tales appear to be so real as if everything is happening in front of your eyes.

    A local neighborhood is selected in her stories because she wants to tell people that strangest of things can happen in the simplest of places. Love You More and Find Her portray such situations marvelously. This one is also not that much different from the rest as it too opens with the detailed description of the Denbe family. Justin and Libby Denbe had everything one can dream of, a beautiful teenage daughter along with a beautiful home where they had all the luxuries of life. Then the tragedy happens, everyone vanish all of a sudden.

    Touch & Go

    The traces are that the family was abducted but again there were no signs or traces and no one called for ransom or other such thing. It is up to Tessa to investigate before the family shows up dead somewhere deep in the city slums. She goes deep into all the connections that the family had and comes with things that are even hard to believe that they are true. The family was involved in something bigger than anyone could estimate.

    Thus the good and charming appearance was just a smokescreen that was keeping the reality hidden from the people present all around. The novel has catchy dialogues and attractive situations that can really make your day.

    Elisabeth Rodgers has given some extra attention to this sensitive tale and the deadly scenes are narrated with gravity and grief. The listener can easily get lost in this whole piece of art right from the start as everything about it is just perfect.



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