Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Book 2


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    As compared to the movies, there is more compactness and cohesion in these parts of the series. Listening to them in an unarranged format is the biggest mistake a person can make because he will spoil all the fun.

    One by one, the parts not only inform us about different dark secrets of the magical world, but they also make us fall in love with the three friends who are bound to perform miracles for Hogwarts. They have the full support of the principal of the school and some loyal teachers but not all the staff members are in favor of Harry Potter.

    A few teachers think of him as an imminent threat and some are secretly supporting their dark lord too. One of those sends a house-elf to Harry Potter to warn him that he should not come back to the school for the next year. Harry gets confused and also his uncle makes proper preparation to deal with his magical friends this time.

    Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Book 2

    When Harry does not show up at the station, Ron comes to him and rescues him from the house. The rest becomes a fun ride later on in a magical flying car.

    The narration of this second chapter again comes in Stephen Fry’s voice so no need to think about that because it is done with full devotion. In this second year, things go a little messier because it is not only Harry who is being attacked on this occasion.

    Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Book 2

    The students are under threat because someone has opened the Chamber of Secrets. Harry must solve the riddle as the voices in his head are also killing him psychologically. Suddenly he thinks that his connection to the snakes is not a gift rather it is a curse. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, Book 1 possess less darkness but here even the principal thinks that he should shut the school down.

    Another act of courage is required and Harry has just the thing which he needs for the job i.e a team of friends. J.K. Rowling has some more personal stuff about Harry in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Book 3 so be prepared because as a listener you just have begun the awesomeness.

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