The Martian


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This is a fabulous piece of writing by Andy Nair, who is known for producing best novels that are loved for its characterization and creating stunning events out of nowhere. The author also has the privilege to be the best-selling author by New York Times. The narration of The Martian book is done by R. C. Bray, who has done well within his capacity as a narrator.

The Martian

The author this time has produced a relentlessly absorbing survival thriller, which has no match at all. The novel shows a lot of tension and disbelief between the characters. The tension that builds up right at the start of the novel never seems to have any end to it. The audience really cannot shake the feeling that all this could actually happen, which the characters of the novel goes through.

The fantasy story is about Mark Watney, who becomes the first person ever to walk on the surface of Mars. After dealing with a heavy dust storm that nearly killed him and prompted his team members to evacuate, who all believed that Mark is dead. Mark was actually completely stranded and he has no means to signal at earth that he is alive and looking to get out of the situation.

The Martian

The author Andy Nair has done a lot of literary work for which he is recognized as an accomplished writer. A couple of his well-known novels include James Moriaty, Consulting Criminal and Artemis. You must check out these books with excellent narration in order to know the author, Andy Nair, inside out for his brilliance and grip over the subject matter.



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