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Artemis is a classic novel authored by Andy Weir. The narration of this book is given by Rosario Dawson in a very commanding and pleasant tone. The both author and the narrator makes a lethal combination to produce one of the finest crime novels that you would ever hear.

This irresistible thriller introduces Jazz Bashara as a lethal criminal. The life of Artemis (claimed to be the first and the only city of moon) is really tough if you are a poor tourist or not an eccentric billionaire. This is even difficult if you have got debts to pay and you struggle to pay for your rent, while working merely as a porter.

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Every situation around Jazz changed when she got the opportunity to commit a perfect crime. The reward in return was too much lucrative to turn down. But, the impossible ask was just the mere beginning of a series of problems that she has to face.

She started with the opportunity and then her one and only chance of survival is in the gambit, but the risk this time is even more than the first time. Thinking needs to be done and that should be done swiftly, so that Jazz doesn’t caught herself in an even bigger trouble.

The James Moriarty, Consulting Criminal and The Egg are a couple of other great novels, which are also penned by Rosario Dawson. You will get to know a whole world of creative crime stories by spending your time listening to these two amazing crime novels.


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