Defiance of the Fall 9



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    The Twilight Ascent reaches its boiling point as the Eveningtide Asura’s grand plans draw near to fruition, while formidable factions strive to thwart his rise. The fate of Twilight Harbor and its inhabitants hangs in the balance, hinging on the outcome of this epic clash. Amidst the chaos, Zac finds himself entangled in the Asura’s schemes, but that’s just one of the many challenges he faces.

    Defiance of the Fall 9

    Uona Noz’Valadir has absconded with the Splinter of Oblivion, leaving Zac with a dangerous ticking time bomb of Creation lodged within his body. To make matters worse, a treacherous trap awaits him within the City of Ancients, but Zac has no alternative; he must plunge into the heart of danger.

    As the final battle looms on the horizon, Zac remains resolute in proving the dire consequences of meddling with his chosen path. His determination to defend his destiny is unwavering, and he’s prepared to demonstrate the true cost of standing in his way.

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    Defiance of the Fall 8



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