Tom Clancy Oath of Office


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    First it was Jack Ryan and then his self created team that was protecting the land and also perfecting the ways of protecting it. The enemy has been defeated whether it was from the inside or the one on the outside. With hundred percent track record the president Jack Ryan still fears one thing i.e what would happen if the Campus fails to deliver what the nation requires and the problem proves to be too big.

    The newly formed peace and freedom in Iran threats the US the most, he does not think in the way as people around the world think. Ryan takes it as a threat for the nation and is not among those who are appreciating the change in Iran. Things at home are becoming terrible than ever as deadly viral infections rock the nation and then there are floods to deal with.

    The senate is not with Ryan completely and there are people who are backbiting and there would probably be a reelection call in the senate. Campus is busy in facing another nuclear threat because nuclear missiles have gone missing from the Russian control.

    Tom Clancy Oath of Office

    The Campus must work on its own this time because the president is busy. The agents will not work like they worked before in Tom Clancy Commander-in-Chief , Tom Clancy True Faith and Allegiance i.e under the president’s direct orders. They have to act alone on their own using their own experience but in Afghanistan i.e the battleground of the enemy.

    Marc Cameron is making the team independent now and perhaps the old Jack Ryan is going to retire in the future episode. This retirement would be from the scene perhaps after a last showdown. Scott Brick’s thrilling work really has no boundaries is keeps on impressing everyone with his voice quality and sensational rise and fall.

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