Tom Clancy Code of Honor


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Marc Cameron after a long time adds something in the story that has been lacking for quite a while now i.e the personal life of Jack Ryan. Most of the people were expecting that in the previous episode Tom Clancy Oath of Office the character has played his final role.

Here once again the role of the character is refreshed, the issue or the main story relates to Ryan’s past. It is again to some extent the past and present like Command Authority. The micro and macro levels are touched wonderfully in the plot. On one side the issue is personal because the president wants to save an old pal of his and secondly there is eminent threat to America’s security.

Pat West was once Ryan’s college friend and a truly good person indeed. The man had a soft heart for the poor all around the world so he left America and settled in Indonesia to help the poor people there.

He was never the sort who could say anything bad against any religion at all, his focus has been humanity alone all his life. Now the poor fellow after being so nice to the Indonesians is arrested there because he has been charged hard. The charge is of blasphemy against Islam and no sentence is death for the old man.

Tom Clancy Code of Honor

As the president of the US Ryan can do nothing because the issue will launch an opposition against him too in the Islamic world. The there is a text from Pat West that tells Ryan about a Campaign against the US.

The time has come to unleash the Campus once again but what if the priest is saying the wrong thing because they have no evidence. Scott Brick changes accent for Indonesian people which is an appreciable effort but the narrator was not accurate with the pronunciation of several words.


Tom Clancy Oath of Office



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