Command Authority

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President Jack Ryan the man with a terrible sort of past rules over the country for a second time and the policies are quite daring and the retired marine as no fear when he takes actions. The state needed such a man who can act through the forces that are under his control and the hidden ones that he himself has created. Of course according to Jack nothing is illegal when you are doing the right thing and protecting your land from the enemies that show no mercy at all.

Again the focus is on a Russian war lord who has been increasing his powers over the years, the man is not new to Jack because he has known him throughout his career. The man is a slippery customer that’s why Jack had not been able to catch him, this time he wants to end the warlord forever. The story can give the listener a dizzy feeling because it moves on two timelines at the same time, the past and present is moving side by side.

Jack Ryan is planning against the Russian warlord in the present but at the same time the old recollections or memories come to him related to the man. This book is the last one by Tom Clancy and it has been announced that Mary Greaney will march on with the series thus there is a trying of something new by the author which was never needed.

The audience likes the style that was adopted in The Sum of All Fears and Debt of Honor.  Lou Diamond Phillips narration has been under the cloud since day one and cannot be termed as a perfect one still but is matching well with the scenes and the ever developing characters.

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