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    Race for power started on the Banished Lands long ago and no one has gained complete control over the land yet. There has been many conspiracies in the past but no party has remained successful in gaining the upper hand in the war. Damian Lynch has narrated this part of John Gwynne’s series very slowly because clarity is very important on books like this.


    There are a lot of characters that are present on the scene all the time and all of them have their vital roles in the tale. Malice and Ruin get connected with the help of this second part of the series. Corban was quite aggressive in the first part but now he is not the same anymore as he is looking for a peaceful spot in the world ravaged by war. For a very long time Corban has searched but there is no peace in the world in which he was fated to be born.


    There is another one named Maquin who has stopped thinking about anything else except revenge. He wants revenge from his enemies and for this he is willing to take any risk and also he can deceive anyone for the sole purpose of his only goal in life. As for Veradis the battlefield has not remained very interesting anymore, he thinks that he has seen everything and now is the time to pack his bags.

    Veradis returns to the king but king is not in a mood to provide him some sort of rest because he is needed in the most important tasks. Third part will perhaps decide the fate of these fellows otherwise this second part has just increased in the troubles of all the characters.

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