Half a Heart


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    Logan was just a kid when he started observing his father as a violent and angry man. No matter what his father do, Logan was ordered not to talk about the matter. All he was ordered to do was to take care of the food in the house and keep himself safe in certain circumstances. For the first nine years of his life, he continued doing so, and then he got tired of the thing. When the opportunity appeared on the scene, Logan just ran from his house as far as he could.

    After running from the house, he realized that he had no other place to go. Living alone in a world full of strange men and women was not easy. There were dangers that he didn’t know about previously. Now he had to face those dangers in order to keep himself safe.

    During these tough days of his life, Logan was told that his grandmother was also looking for him. It was strange news because he was told in his childhood that his grandmother was dead. Perhaps his father had lied to him about his grandmother or the woman who has been looking for him is not actually his grandmother.

    Half a Heart

    Karen McQuestion always adds many strange questions in the story initially and then the author answers those questions one by one for the audience. A Scattered Life and The Moonlight Child followed the same kind of procedure. For this purpose the narrator Emily Durante has stressed more on the second portion of the story because it is full of answers. It explains what has actually happened with the characters.  X

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