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    Cal was not ready for a bad day because he was trying to prosper in life. He never thought that he would be arrested and thrown into prison forever. When he got arrested he thought that it was bad enough for him so he wasn’t ready for the worst which was about to come for him. He was thrown into prison with a serial killer who had not shown any mercy to anyone.

    Later the bad news comes and Cal is informed that more than half of the human population has been killed as a result of a terrible incident. Cal had no hopes for the future and he was thinking that he would go down within no time because he was left with no future among the reaming human race that was fighting its battle for survival.

    Space Team

    Suddenly on one of these sad days, Cal gets trapped in an alien web and the aliens take him to outer space where they throw him into action with other species that he has ever seen on known before in his life. He has to work for the safety of other species with the help of a team that has no similarity at any level. Barry J. Hutchison has given a big mission to Cal in this first episode in which he has to save an entire planet.

    There is fun in the story which Phil Thron has narrated and waits till the hero turns things around. Space Team: The Wrath of Vajazzle and Space Team: The Search for Splurt are the next two parts and these two episodes show how Cal gets adjusted to his new life. When he sees that there is no escape then he adapts to the new change and starts enjoying some moments too.

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