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    Mitosis is a short novel written by Brandon Sanderson. It is specifically intended for teens aged 11 – 13. The novel belongs to the popular Reckoners series, so most of you, who have read the earlier main chapters of this science fiction fantasy, can figure out that what Mitosis would be all about.

    The concept of superheroes, their powers and their influence over people and the world is just beyond imagination in this novel. This is surely something, which teens would love and more so with the narration of Macleod Andrews, who has delivered this novel in a very classy tone. His tonal quality and ability to adapt with the mood of the characters and the situation is absolutely amazing.


    The Reckoners novel series had the privilege of being the best-selling one in New York Times. The Calamity novel definitely has its share to bring such a prestigious repute for the novel series and more so for the author, Brandon Sanderson.

    The short story of Mitosis is an action packed fictional fantasy set in the epic world of Steelheart. Epic are still plaguing Newcago. However, Reckoners and David are quite determined to fight back with full force. Catch up with the action and find out more about the adventures of David and the Reckoners.

    The Way of Kings and Oathbringer novels are also written by Brandon Sanderson. The way he has crafted these recommended novels is highly commendable. It is mainly because of its storyline and amazing fantasies, which one can relate with and gets highly involved, when the audio version comes with such powerful narrations. You must find some time, if science fiction fantasy is your go to genre.

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