Abyss Unbound, Book 7



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The Tidal Awakening: A Powerful Force Unleashed

In the resurgent desert of Ahkestria, an ancient power stirs from the depths. Felix and his resilient people have defied the Hierocracy’s nefarious agenda, unleashing a vast ocean upon the once barren sands. But their victory has ushered in a new era of challenges and uncertainties.

Thrust into the unexpected role of power, Felix finds himself grappling with the complexities of leadership, meddlesome nobility, and the profound changes wrought upon his very being by the Boon of a Primordial. Yet, he is not alone in this transformation.

His comrades must learn to wield their own newfound, intense abilities as entities from the abyss, driven by a malevolent force known as the Fathom, assault their newfound sanctuary. Danger rises with every crashing wave, each swell a harbinger of the depths’ sinister machinations.

Felix faces the daunting task of confronting the consequences of his actions, choices that could cost him dearly. But the true price may lie in inaction – for to do nothing would be to abandon hope and leave their hard-won freedom at the mercy of forces beyond their comprehension.

In this tidal awakening, ancient terrors surface, and the fate of Ahkestria hangs precariously in the balance. Brace yourself for an epic saga where the line between ally and foe blurs, and the only constant is the relentless pull of the Fathom’s insatiable hunger.



Vault Unbound, Book 8


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