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Xenos is pat 1 of the Eisenhorn saga. It is masterfully written by Dan Abnett, who is known for a good range of work in the literary writing domain. This one specifically is a contemporary science fiction novel and the author has done full justice with the well-paced storyline, creativity, critical thinking and some amazing characterization as well. Toby Longworth has done the narration of this novel, which with all his experience has proved to be a job well done.

The story is about Eisenhorn, the questioner, who come across a huge interstellar chain and on the other side, some daemons with excessively dark powers. They all were racing to recover a mysterious text of repulsive power.


It is a must listen audio book as the classic and super exciting novel returns back with a completely new brand and feel to it. Eisenhorn summons all allies in order to unravel a huge conspiracy for the sake of hunting an alien threat.

You will give yourself a great chance to relive some of the best adventures and experiences of a few of the top most and most loved characters of Warhammer 40,000. You will also please or entertain yourself by experiencing the start of the remarkable adventures of Eisenhorn for the very first time.

The Inquisition comes into motion in the mankind just like some avenging kind of a shadow that strikes completely down the haters of humanity having uncompromising ruthlessness. A sinister conspiracy is waiting ahead for Eisenhorn.

First and Only and Horus Rising are other contemporary science fiction novels written by Dan Abnett. Both are top class and are part of the popular and long The Horus Heresy saga.


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The Primarchs



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