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    Dan thought that his life ended on the day when his wife died because she was everything to him. Now he is living for the sake of his only daughter Lindsay who happens to be a good friend as well. Together they are spending a good time together but they are not happy from the inside. Since the loss of Christine, the two have not found the peace of mind that they used to enjoy a few years back.

    Their center of attention is Anni i.e the dog whom both of them love so much. It has given them a reason to cheer about in life and when the dog gets stolen from the yard, both Lindsay and her father Dan feel terrible. They start looking for her in desperation because it seems to be the only creature that was keeping their family together. Andrea Keller was living far from Dan’s house and she too was not living a happy life after her divorce.

    Hello Love

    She saves Anni and starts looking for the real owner of the dog. Anni leads Andrea to her house and there Andrea meets Dan for the first time in her life. The two find a lot of things common in them and suddenly their paths start colliding more than often in their everyday life.

    Karen McQuestion joins the fate of two characters very slowly and neatly in this story. It is different from A Scattered Life and The Moonlight Child in the sense that it has more love in it and talk about family relation. Selecting Dan John Miller as the narrator of the story was the best thing to do because he has the voice custom made for such stories.

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