The Long Way Home


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    Sometimes we think that we have everything in life and suddenly everything is snatched from us so quickly that we are not given the chance to breathe even. Such tragedies change the course of our life and most of the time those with weak minds commit suicide. Marnie a thirty five years old woman was living a happy life with her boyfriend who has divorced a year ago from his wife.

    The man had a son whom Marnie brought up as her own since the day she established relation with Brian. Marnie didn’t have any children of her own so she raised the boy with love and care. One day Brian had a heart attack and he died in a few moments after which Marnie wasn’t officially allowed to keep Troy.

    Troy’s real mother claimed him through the help of the court and Marnie was left all alone in life. She thought that she needed some help so she went to the local rec center for some psychological help. There she met three other people like her who forge a team with her and they start planning to take back Tory.

    The Long Way Home

    Together the team starts a journey so that they can get some sort of peace of mind. Initially, the author Karen McQuestion started her career with some fiction and as the author moved forward we see a lot more in the emotional scenes. Family love was not the chief theme in 214 Palmer Street : A completely gripping psychological thriller packed with suspense or The Moonlight Child. Thus this is a new direction in which the author is taking the stories now. Tanya Eby has also enjoyed narrating this sentimental long ride.

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