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The cyborg mechanic got arrested and then she was saved by the friends that she now holds dear but the mission has not ended at all. Queen Levana still is trying to find Cinder and her friends who might try to stop her marriage with Emperor Kai. Cinder along with Captain Throne is running here and there in the galaxy so that they could not be traced by the queen. One hacker in the world has the technical skills to track Cinder, Thorne, Scarlet, and Wolf down.

The name of the tracker is Cress; she has spent her life in a satellite where she has been kept since her birth. She is like a hostage for eternity; it was because of the long stay in the satellite that she was able to make herself skilled at hacking. Queen Levana has charged her with the duty to track the four friends down.


The group on the other hand wants to free Cress as she could prove quite helpful to them in saving the earth. Earth is next on the list for the evil queen and the four heroes along with Cress can save the planet before it is too late. In the opening it was Cinder then Scarlet that saved the day and this time Marissa Meyer has introduced another girl i.e Cress.

Together the three combine their powers and skill to save the earth from the deadly attack of the queen. Rebecca Soler had no difficulty in narrating all the three main characters because all of them were girls and narrating them was just fun. Lunar Chronicles wait for the final battle between the two groups, the time however is not right for it.

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Forever Odd


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    8 thoughts on “Cress”

    1. First thing first, thank you for taking your time uploading all of these amazing books, but could it be possible for you to upload’heartless’ by Marissa Meyer too? I’ve search for it everywhere and I just can’t find it!

    2. This book is so awesome. Even tho I don’t like reading somehow I actually like reading this book. I think that a lot of people would enjoy reading this book.

    3. Thank you so so so much! I started the series because I borrow Cress and when found it was the third book, I had to start with the first one. Not wanting to buy them without knowing if I would like them, I began with your audiobook, and three days later I was spending 30 dollars more or less (bought them used) in the first three. I’m not able to put into words how grateful I am, I’ve been more productive since I can listen and do things at the same time, without having to spend lots of time searching for something to listen to. I still do the reading myself when I’m in my bed before going to sleep, but still… Thank you again.

    4. I have been listening to audiobooks my whole life. The lunar Chronicles one of my favourite books. I started reading/listening to them because my friend recommended them to me and I haven’t been able to stop since. Thank you so much for giving me the chance to listen to this amazing series.


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