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    Madame By: Sara Cate

    Love Eden’s story!!!

    4.75 stars! Loved this final installment of the Salacious Players Club series, finally giving us Madame Kink’s HEA! We got to know Madame Kink in prior books, as she helped out various characters in finding themselves and their happiness, but we never really got much of a glimpse into the woman herself, and it turns out the woman behind Madame Kink is exceptionally badass as well.

    Eden St. Claire is a single mom who has been through a lot. And from the first chapter, where we get to witness her first meeting and interaction with who we already know is one of her closest friends, Ronan (Highest Bidder), we see that where she started and where she ends up are a testament to her resilience and her persistence and her strength. But it’s not until she truly recognizes the power of letting love into her life, despite seeing it all around her, is she able to truly be free and happy.

    Clay started as a client, and became so much more. But when he tried to move that more to the forefront for them, she shut him down and crushed his heart. He is now very happily, but secretly, dating Jade, his boss’ daughter. They have a great relationship aside from the secrecy, physically very, very active, and very much in tune with each other’s needs. But a chance encounter with Eden and her son, Jack, throws all three of their worlds into a tailspin. Jade learns about a part of Clay that she had no idea of, and begins to question not only her ability to make him happy, but if she is truly as happy as she could be. And so begins the spider web of emotions and moments between all three of them that ultimately hurdle them towards either potentially distatrous heartbreak, or utter bliss.

    Their journey is emotional and wonderful. All three of them truly finding themselves and each other as they move through their paths. As with all of the SPC books, these stories don’t follow a wholly traditional and expected path, and they’re all the better for it. The nuances and details of these characters, their lives, and their interactions with those around them are so interesting and compelling. Not to mention the absolutely delicious spice that is present in virtually every possibly configuration throughout the book. I loved their story, I loved that we continued to get glimpses into the lives of the other SPC couples as well, and I was very happy with this final book of the series, even though I’m sad that it’s over.

    They audiobook is absolutely fantastic. Dual narration by Joe Arden (Clay), Maxine Mitchell (Jade) and Muffy Newtown (Eden) is emotional and beautiful and hits all the right buttons for each of these characters. These narrators have always been fantastic, and truly, the only way this audiobook could have been better is if it was fully duet.


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