Conquest-Indian Hill


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    Final war of the trilogy really forms the true impact that remains on the mind of the listener forever. We have seen fights with a monstrous impact on the human and alien races and now the final will decide that fate is favoring which part to what limits. Deception was on the rise in Reckoning  when Mike and his friends faced something they never expected i.e deception from a trusted friend. The war after that was not limited to human and aliens but it started between human as well with different approach towards the invaders. Its personal goals verse the fate of whole human race or what is left of it.

    No love stories no family reunions can be seen and if these things are there they are not dominating the scenes at all. The primary goal is the fight for existence against an alien race that has studied mankind with the help of their vessel for ages and they know all about the weaknesses.

    Conquest-Indian Hill

    The one thing they failed to understand about man was his will for survival and his passion for performing the impossible on the rarest of occasions. Humans have always been unpredictable even in real wars and the author has added the same thing in his fictional work and we can observe this element in almost Marks’ entire work.

    The plot is strong for the first time because everything merge well that was left untouched in the last two parts so that people listen to the finale with craze. Sean Runnette ends the series well and the narrator has played a key role in the entire series depicting each part with accuracy.

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    Indian Hill

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    1 thought on “Conquest-Indian Hill”

    1. The authors understanding of love is primitive at best, despite this, an entertaining story is told.
      If you are an atheist who loathes ANY story with religious themes then I suggest you skip this series.
      Personally, I find ALL stories with a sci-fi/fantasy bent quite enjoyable.


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