Indian Hill


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    Novel starts in an ordinary or routine pattern and not even a hint of paranormal activities is presented at the start of the story by Mark Tufo. The listeners can never guess that what is in stock for them in the rest of the tale that is just the tale of an ordinary boy with social and domestic issues at the start.

    Michael faces situations that he finds tough but he proves to be a survivor all the time. Whether it is girl problems or issues with his mother he knows how to deal with everything in a fine way. Paul his best friend is with him all the time taking part in all the activities that Mike confronts or indulges himself in. Now the charm of youth motivates Mike to try to be in the company of the girl that he loves from the bottom of his heart.

    Indian Hill

    Finally however the day comes when the girl too shows her readiness for the date and at the same spot the novel takes a drastic turn. Just when you think that the story is becoming a love tale we find our main characters in an alien trap who want to study humans.

    The basic goal of the aliens is to judge the weakness of the humans before launching an invasion against them. Mike and Paul become the last hope for mankind because only they can stop the attack of the aliens for which the mankind is not prepared at all.

    The first chapter of the series unfolds well and paves the way for Reckoning and Conquest the other two parts of the same series narrated by Sean Runnette who is an expert in fictional work. Not much excitement at the start but a lot of action after the middle of the book which brings sensation and energy that goes far beyond our imagination.

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