The Crusades



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The Crusades a nonfictional chapter based on an interesting topic from the history. It is about the authoritative history related with the war for the sake of the Holy Land. It is written by Thomas Asbridge. For the narration, Derek Perkins gave his beautiful voice, which you will like it throughout its narration of 25 long hours.

The Crusades is a single volume history book related to the brutal struggle in the Middle Ages for the Holy Land. The author, Thomas Asbridge is a great historian and is known for writing things related to history with maximum vividness. In this book, he goes on to cover the era between 1095 and 1291, which list the accounts of the most fascinating era in the history.

The book from Thomas Asbridge is an epic one related with the holy war between the Islamic worlds and the Christians and the dispute as you all know was Jerusalem. The book is full of intrigue, adventure and some really sweeping grandeur as well.

The Crusades

Thomas Asbridge is a quality writer and leaves a deep and a long lasting impression on his audience. He is more into writing the nonfictional books based on the history subject.

The beauty of his writing is his deep research and helping audience with the most accurate information and without distorting any facts, He also tries to put all perspectives in front of the audience and then let them decide what the truth is actually, rather than making his own conclusions.

Another quality book from the author on European History is The Greatest Knight, which deserves to be listened in its audio format to get to know the real facts behind many speculations.


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