Hunting Adeline


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It all started in the first part of the series when the audience saw two characters who were skilled in their art. Both of them wanted to capture each other and at the same time, they were attracted to each other as well. H.D. Carlyon has not tried to transform this book into a trilogy because he wanted to keep the intensity of the story alive. The two narrators, Teddy Hamilton and Michelle Sparks are back in gear and they have shown the same thrill in their voices that they showed in the first part of the series.

It is the story of another couple who are again craving to have each other under their paws. Just as in Wolf, the audience observes that the two characters are not very neat in their personality. Both of them are cunning and they have complete trust in their abilities.

Hunting Adeline

First, it is the girl who thinks that she can finally kill for her safety and also for amusement as well. There was a time when she was living a neat life but that has become a thing of the past. Now she is named Diamond and she has the claws to fight against the beast who is coming after her.

The hunter who is after her is also a killing machine and he does not like when the prey slips out of his claws. He has tried to tame the beast for a long time but here he thinks that he needs the beast to get the job done on this occasion. No one is going to stop them from ripping each other apart and the end will decide who the real beast is.


Haunting Adeline



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