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Haunting Adeline

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This is the first book of the series in which we are introduced to an alpha male and a cunning female. H.D. Carlton has created two characters who are a perfect match for each other and they can prove to be the perfect rivals too. Each one of them wants to put the other under his paw and this starts the game of cat and mouse. Adeline is on the hunt for a criminal who murdered her great-grandmother and she thinks that she is the best at tracking such criminals.

She is the best manipulator who can play with the mind of the people and can tame anyone if she wants to. Playing with the emotions of people is the best skill she possesses and she is proud of it too. Then there is her stalker who has been keeping an eye on her from a distance.

Haunting Adeline

He thinks that he knows the girl completely and he is waiting for the right time to pounce on her after which he is not going to let her go. Adeline’s great-grandmother fell for her stalker and then she ended up dead. The girl is not in the mood of repeating the same mistake because one should learn from the mistakes made by the family.

Narrators Teddy Hamilton and Michelle Sparks will be heard in the second part of Hunting Adeline of this series as well. So try to get associated with these two voices if you are in the mood of listening to this series for a long time. Wolf is also a story by the same author in which there is a lot of talk about hunting your prey in the right way. All of these books can be considered thrillers as there is always a lot which is going on.



Hunting Adeline


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    2 thoughts on “Haunting Adeline”

    1. Hello Tokyobook can i request books that i want to listen to? Thank u ? Uhm I’d like to request the books of Sara Cate and others that are trending

    2. I’ve looked everywhere for the second book!! Sam you’re GOAT Thanks brother.
      The book is exciting, and the s3x scenes are greatly described.
      Andrew Tate would be the mouse compared to Zad.
      Teddy Hamilton and Michael sparks are the last line of defense against AI voices


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