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    Welcome to the dreamland created by Nicholas Sparks who happens to be the author of this wonderful novel. The author first tells about the dreams of the characters in this novel and then he allows those dreams to get shattered in the process so that we can finally realize that this is the real world and not the world of dreams. This is not the world where one can find things according to his desires.

    We are first given the example of Colby Mills who wanted to become a musician but life never provided him with that opportunity. He was forced to work for his family on the family farm. When he got the chance to play at a bar, he readily agreed to the thing because he thought that it was a good opportunity for him. Then one day in the bar he met Morgan Lee and he started thinking that life was providing him another chance.


    The girl was a musician too and she graduated in the field. Morgan was looking for a broader spectrum for which she was going to Nashville. Colby got attached to the woman because she was so like him and together they were able to change their life. Austin Nichols and Nicholas Sparks start the narration awesomely and then it keeps on getting better in this novel.

    Beverly is another character in the novel and just like A Bend in the Road and Safe Haven she appears in the novel to make things complicated. Beverly has a six year old son and she has been thrown helpless on the street by her husband. Now she wants a way out of these troubles but she wants prepared to get linked with the other two characters i.e Colby and Morgan Lee.

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