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    Humanity faces tragedies as Dakota Krout moves toward the trilogy in which everything in the human world is falling to bits. The dark and hideous crimes are now being done in the daylight as well.

    Joe still pays full attention to his powers instead of the surroundings not because he is worried but because of the fact that he wants to know more about it. People from different organizations also show attraction towards Joe and his group in order to know the secret behind their uprising powers.


    The humans on the other hand don’t have time for all these things as the mother earth faces calamities. The people of the earth are also of two minds some want to shift to Eternium while the other want to live where they are and are ready to face the future on their home. Eternium also has problems of its own as it cannot occupy the whole of the population that enters for the earth.

    Providing all the facilities to the eighth of earth’s population is not possible for anyone. The motive of the writer are becoming clear this time as why he sent Joe to the game world in Ritualist and Regicide and what were the motives behind his hidden powers and talents.

    There is a change in the narration as Luke Daniels has joined in and the status of the narration is still the same, Luke Daniels has kept the same tone and given the same pitch to each of the characters. The action scenes are given quite a sensation in the novel as the series is now reaching the conclusion portion slowly and steadily.

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