The Secret Daughter



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    The Secret Daughter is a great attempt by author Kelly Rimmer on contemporary fiction genre. She has crafted a great novel for the audience, which will prove to be a nonstop entertainment of hours. The narration of this novel is effortlessly handled by Vanessa Coffey in her sweet and lovely tone.

    Just as I saw the face of the newborn baby for the very first time, I desperately attempted to capture the moment and her face in my mind. I wanted to stamp that beautiful little face right onto my eyelids. That was a painful moment actually as the baby was taken away from me. I knew at that time that I might not be able to see my just born daughter ever again in my life.

    The Secret Daughter

    You were adopted 37 years later. Life of Sabina got completely fractured. Then pregnant with her old child, Sabina is not able to understand that how a mother ever could abandon her own daughter or why on Earth her parents have kept such a big thing as a secret about her past life.

    Sabina was very determined to find her real mother who actually gave her away to some other parents. What she finds out in her search is something that will change everything in her life. The life will change not just for Sabina but also for that women who actually had loved her for all these many years.

    Before I Let You Go and The Things We Cannot Say novels are also authored by Kelly Rimmer. Both are fictional novels, where you will see the author in her unique style with all her imagination and creativity nicely put together both the story of the novel and its characters.


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