Death du Jour


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    Dr. Temperance Brennan solved the case in Deja Dead with extreme use of wit and she proved that she no doubt is the best in the world at what she does. Now with another case that dates back in history she has to use all her skills and talents to get to the roots of all of that.

    Sister Elisabeth Nicolet’s case is not new and the thing happened almost a century ago but the crime investigation department failed in finding the dead body. The first coffin that the doctor finds is in an old church and that was enough to start the case. Dead bodies that are found in the rest of the coffins buried at that place depicted a strange sort of tale that was not in resemblance in any way to Sister Elizabeth’s story.

    The couples that were buried could not be recognized but there stood another issue in the investigation i.e where are the children of these couples. Kathy Reichs joins Temp with an old competitive Andrew Ryan and it is clear from Temp’s attitude that she does not feel comfortable in his presence. Case of the corpses goes bigger and bigger and the end without any doubt is the highlight of the whole book.

    Death du Jour

    Ancient history and even religion comes into play in this latest part of the series. If any other narrator instead of Bonnie Hurren would have narrated this book its impact would have been lost totally. Bonnie craves for such stories and the voice of the narrator infuses life in such novels, the scenes appear real to the listener and it is like watching the opening of the coffin in front of us.

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