Streams of Silver


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Streams of Silver, Legend of Drizzt: Icewind Dale Trilogy is a classical addition into the famous Legend of Drizzt novel series. It is the 2nd book of the series and written by the renowned novelist, R. A. Salvatore. It is a science fiction novel with great characters and their encounters, which ideally drives the storyline towards an epic conclusion. Victor Bevine did the narration of this book in a highly engaging manner and with an excessively expressive tone, which will connect you well with the soul of the characters.

Streams of Silver

In the Streams of Silver, the epic fable and journey of the Drizzt character reaches completely new heights. Drizzt is known to struggle hard with his inner-self and the voices he hears from within. The voice that he hears actually summons him back to the Underdark, with its pitiless depths.

But, these inner voices are not louder than those from his newfound friends. And also from the dreams that he is chasing, which drives Bruenor in order for the Mithral Hall to be reclaimed. They are told time and again to revert back with a silent message that there are some dreams, which are not always meant to be fulfilled. But, they continued to fight on together.

Streams of Silver

The Halfling’s Gem and The Legacy are other recommended novels by R. A. Salvatore and are as good as the subject novel or any other highly rated novels by the author. They belong to the legend of Drizzt novel series by the author and in each one of them, you will the prime character of Drizzt in a completely new way and with a new challenge ahead of him.


The Crystal Shard

The Halfling’s Gem


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