Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods


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    Rick Riordan over the years in different books has talked about almost every kind of war and issues related to the worlds of gods. The author has still not lost charm in the Greek and Roman gods and thus now after Camp Half-Blood Confidential has started to discuss the origin. First through Percy Jackson the audience listens to certain hidden secrets of the camp Half-Blood near long islands. It was hilarious the way Apollo and Percy talk about prophesies that seem to be quite serious in the starting books by Rick.

    Percy Jackson's Greek Gods

    Another motive is quite clear the author intentionally wants to make the world of gods less serious now before starting a new version of camp Half-Blood. Percy Jackson this time takes the discussion to the next level and informs us about the origin of the world. How the world came into being is the question that is answered from a demigod’s point of view. Here Apollo ads his own kind of flavor by telling same sort of things that happened in the camp and took place at the beginning of the world too among the gods.

    The gods had enmity for one another and it was that grudge that engaged them in fights and they not only lost their powers but their lives even. Thus the Golden age was not that golden after all, deception and corruption was on the rise and no one was there to keep a check on gods like Zeus. Jesse Bernstein enjoys narrating this rather non serious demigod show, no special effect is in the voice but there is a lively feeling in it which is enjoyable even when the story never reaches a climax.

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