Camp Half-Blood Confidential


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    Camp Half-Blood has been the prime source of inspiration for the author since the day he started writing for the kids. Rick Riordan associates almost all of his fantasies to this one single place where the whole action happens. The Heroes of Olympus, Book One: The Lost Hero and The Son of Neptune take this camp of Half-Blood as a prime resource where everyone unites and plans. Demigods like Percy Jackson and Apollo again emerge on the scene and this is the story that is told to us by Percy himself.

    He tells us about the little comic secrets that have been buried in the camp for years. The training sessions and the way the children who have united there toiled to get perfection in their arts. Apollo creates the video as an insight for the new comers but instead of appearing as a masterpiece the two present it in an awful way.

    Camp Half-Blood Confidential

    The usual fights in the camp on trivial issues or during the practice sessions make us laugh and the demigods as a source of fun. The issues of the prophecies also don’t get a serious welcome; the coming to the camp is told in the lighter sense otherwise they were once the matter of life and death for the children.

    Jesse Bernstein uses a lighter mood for this book that never reaches to the heights of epic proportion. Everything is plain simple and humorous in this book but still the introduction of all the kids in the camp is complete and the incidents are well covered; only the tone is not of serious type.


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