Matchmaking for Beginners


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    An average girl named Marnie had average dreams about her life; she wanted a caring husband along with a few kids of her own. Even in cars, her desire was a minivan and not more or less than this. Luckily she didn’t have to wait or find these things for a long time. Her future husband had everything which she desired from life.

    Matchmaking for Beginners

    This perfect marriage was like a dream come true for her until she met the aunt of her future husband. Blix the aunt of her future husband was a matchmaker by profession and she was on her deathbed. When Blix met Marnie she predicted a few things about her which surprised Marnie. However, she still got married to the man of her choice after the death of Blix. When she got married she came to know that life was nothing like she planned for herself.

    All her dreams were shattered as her ideal married life didn’t run well at all. Her marriage ended after two weeks and she was left with nothing in her life. Then the odd thing happened as she got Blix’s will according to which she was the one who inherited everything which Blix left including her matchmaking plans. Marnie never thought that she had those skills in her but Blix believed she was special in so many ways.

    Maddie Dawson the wonderful author who produced A Happy Catastrophe and The Stuff that Never Happened presents to us another tale with a lot of links to the real world. Amy McFadden and Joyce Bean don’t narrate at a quick pace; the two narrators have kept a good speed to make each line stable for the listeners.

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