The Bright Side of Going Dark


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    Kelly Harms shows the bright and dark side of the virtual world at the same time. Many celebrities just live on the internet these days which is easy but it is a fake identity. Things that appear on the internet are most of the time a part of a big drama. People present themselves as what they want to be and hide what they truly are from the inside. Mia Bell is such sort of a star whose life is all about presentation. She has a handsome man in her life whom she has planned to wed soon.

    The Bright Side of Going Dark

    Then her dog continuously lives on the internet, fans watch every movement which the dog makes. But this is what she is presenting to get more viewers and also sponsors who can take care of the expenses. Even her marriage which is going to happen soon is sponsored by five big companies. These companies are taking care of the expenses which Mia is making for her upcoming marriage. Only Mia knows that her marriage will get a terrible result because her fiancé has not been with her for a long time.

    So instead of taking this much further, Mia leaves this virtual life and just disappears from the scene. In her absence, Paige Miller takes care of Mia’s account by hacking it at first. Paige just wants to keep Mia’s character alive among her fans. When the reality about them leaks the fans and the sponsors just go wild and the whole world is shocked. Jesse Vilinsky and Katie Koster narrate it like The Overdue Life of Amy Byler and You Can Thank Me Later. The role of too much internet in life was a little different in this novel. Also, the author has tried to promote the sensations and feelings of real life.

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