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    Sara Shepard continues the same pattern that has made the series such a big hit among the teenagers of the present era. Rosewood the town where all the action happens in all the parts happens to be just like the pretty girls. Like the girls, the town is pleasant and calm from the outside but in its heart, there are monstrous secrets. We observe the same characteristics in Hanna, Emily, Spencer, and Aria. Heartless and Unbelievable are full of secrets that the girls and the town were hiding from the rest of the locals.

    The killing of Allison was just one of those old secrets thus there is more that is hidden. Four pretty girls thought of Allison as their friend so they shared their desires and secrets with her. She misused those secrets and used her friends like toys for the sake of her enjoyment. Psycho maniac i.e Allison died horribly but it was she who produced corrupt girls like Hanna, Emily, Spencer, and Aria.


    The final episode takes us three years ahead in the future where a bundle of secrets is still out there in the hands of a villain. Whoever this new guy is he appears just the same as Allison, even the way of teasing the girls for their secrets is similar. So this last duel sets the stage just like the one that was seen in the first novel of the series.

    Cassandra Morris surpasses all previous borders and sets the gold standard finally in the finale. The last chapter is specially written in a manner that more stories can be extracted from it whenever needed.

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