The Guardians


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    The Guardians is an excellent novel produced by the author, John Grisham. He is an accomplished writer and proved his worth in many of his other novels as well. This novel, The Guardians is specifically a crime mystery thriller, where you will enjoy the intense suspense and beautiful characterization. Michael Beck has given the narration of this book in a very commanding manner, which is the highlight of this novel.

    The novel is actually a legal thriller and has a mind blowing twist. The story is set in Seabrook, which is a small town in Florida. A fine young lawyer in Seabrook, named, Keith Russo was found murdered at his office desk, as one night he was working late. There were absolutely no clues left behind by the murderer who shot him down.

    There were absolutely no witnesses to this incident and upon investigation, there looked to be no legitimate motive behind this murder. But, police after a little more investigation took Quincy Miller as the prime suspect, which used to be the client of Russo earlier on.

    The Guardians

    Quincy Miller was convicted and was given life prison. For more than 22 years, he suffered in prison and claiming to be innocent. But, nobody bothered to listen to him.

    He was having no lawyer and nobody to help him. Finally, he wrote a letter to Guardian Ministries, which was a NGO run by Cullen Post. He was a lawyer and an Episcopal minister. The story takes a quick turn from here.

    Sycamore Row and The Whistler are other fine novels from the author, John Grisham, which are rated high in the ranks of crime mystery thrillers.

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